Rene C Mugenzi is a UK-based human right activist from Rwanda. He is also Chair of the Global Campaign for Rwandans Human Rights, also based in London.

Rene has spoken on several platforms including universities, the House of Common, the European Union and the UN on human rights issues relating to Rwanda. In 2011, the UK Police foiled an assassination plot that has been planned by agents of the Rwandan government. Besides Rwandan human rights issues, Rene gas campaigned for the end of Myanmar’s ongoing genocide of Rohingya people.

Rene Mugenzi, a UK-based Chairman of the Global Campaign for Rwandan Human Rights, discusses:

1) His mixed Hutu-Tutsi heritage and identity
2) The principal use of identification cards to kill, or not to kill
3) Radio station and communal meetings as pre-internet, and pre-Facebook platforms for the genocide propaganda
4) Geopolitics surrounding the West’s selective justice for Rwandan genocides (Hutu government’s genocide against Tutsis, and subsequent Tutsi rebel’s genocide against Hutus)
5) Reflection on the visit to Auschwitz with Rohingya, Burmese and other international activists and scholars.

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