A conversation with Professor C. R. Abrar, Chair of Odhikar (Rights), Bangladeshi human rights watchdog, on the FRC Genocide Podcast Series covers:

1) Bangladesh state’s persecution of the Urdu speaking Bengalis in Dhaka branded as “traitors”
2) Myanmar’s continuing genocide of Rohingya people
3) Odhikar’s human rights monitoring work and
4) Research and activism on refugee and migratory movements

Dr. C R Abrar is the Executive Director of Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU), the premier migration think tank in Bangladesh. He taught International Relations at the University of Dhaka for four decades. His areas of research and advocacy include Rohingya refugees, short-term contract labour migrants and citizenship status of the camp dwelling Urdu speaking community in Bangladesh.  He successfully filed a writ petition to secure release of Rohingya refugees who served out their sentences for illegal entry but continued to be incarcerated. Abrar is President of Odhikar, the leading rights organization, and involved in campaigns for freedom of expression and assembly, accountability of law enforcement agencies and justice for those involuntarily disappeared and extrajudicially killed. He is a regular contributor to The Daily Star of Dhaka and writes on refugees, migration and rights issues.

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