Select published works on Myanmar GENOCIDE since 2013 by ZARNI, Natalie Brinham and Amartya Sen Buddhist Nationalism in Burma Institutionalized racism against the Rohingya Muslims led Burma to genocide By Maung Zarni SPRING 2013 Rohingya are categorically darker-skinned people—sometimes called by the slur “Bengali kalar.” Indeed, the lighter-skinned Buddhists of Burma are not alone in their fear of dark-skinned people and belief that the paler the skin, the more desirable, respectable, and protected one is. Read more: — The Slow-Burning Genocide of Myanmar’s Rohingya By Zarni, Maung; Cowley, Alice Since 2012, the Rohingya have been subject to renewed waves of hate campaigns and accompanying violence, killings and ostracization that aim both to destroy the Rohingya and to

Published stories on the Rohingya Genocide Remembrance Day by Anadolu Agency

Links of the published stories on the Rohingya Remembrance Day [22 – 28 Aug. 2018] by Anadolu Agency Rohingya returnees tortured by Myanmar police: HRW Turkey at forefront of giving aid to Rohingya refugees Turkish group distributes meat to Rohingya in Myanmar UN complains of impeded access into Myanmar’s Rakhine Rohingya in Bangladesh pray to return home during Eid Myanmar deprives Rohingya of their identity Security remains ‘major’ concern for Rohingya: NGO head UNICEF urges to invest in Rohingya children’s education Turkish facility treats nearly 100,000 Rohingya refugees Canada to host Rohingya genocide remembrance events Rohingya mourn first anniversary of Rakhine