Dear Rohingya brothers and sisters, and concerned friends and organisations:
In March 2018 a summons was lodged in the Melbourne Magistrate’s Court for filing seeking to charge Aung San Suu Kyi with Crimes Against Humanity for the forcible deportation of the Rohingya from Myanmar. The Attorney General of Australia refused to consent to the prosecution. The High Court of Australia will hear an application to strike out the Attorney General’s decision on 3rd October 2018. 
The hearing is set for 9.30am on 3rd October at the High Court of Australia, Level 17 Commonwealth Law Courts Building, 305 William St. Melbourne Vic. The applicant feels that it is important that the Rohingya themselves, as well as concerned and interested people and organisations have an opportunity to be heard in this important matter.

Attached is the summons lodged in the Melbourne Magistrates Court, the Submission to the Attorney General, the Response of the Attorney General, and the listing date for hearing in the High Court of Australia.

 Yours faithfully

Daniel Robert Taylor

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