Five concrete measures can end Rohingya genocide

By Dr. Maung Zarni | Published by Anadolu Agency on October 5, 2018 – The writer is coordinator for strategic affairs at the Free Rohingya Coalition and adviser to the European Center for the Study of Extremism, Cambridge, UK   Five steps can be taken towards achieving justice, repatriation and the rebuilding of Rohingya communities in Myanmar LONDON — Rohingya campaigners and human rights organizations welcomed the UN Human Rights Council’s vote on Sept. 27 to set up a body to conduct a further investigation and future indictment of Myanmar for atrocity crimes, including genocide. The resolution, co-sponsored by the Organization […]

India to deport Rohingya refugees, as the world moves towards prosecuting Myanmar for Genocide.

By Tapan Bose | October 4, 2018 Seven Rohingya Muslims refugees who were held at a detention centre in Assam since 2012 will be handed over to Myanmar. The Supreme Court of India today refused to stop their deportation, as the new Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gagoi said, “We are not inclined to interfere on the decision taken”. Rejecting the argument of lawyer of the Rohingyas that the government’s move was against the UN charter, the Supreme Court accepted the Central Government’s statement that the Rohingya were illegal immigrants and Myanmar had accepted them as citizens. The seven Rohingya […]

The ICC Has Launched a Preliminary Examination Into Myanmar’s Expulsion of Rohingya Muslims

By Eli Meixler | Published by TIME on September 19, 2018 The International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor announced on Tuesday the start of a preliminary examination into the recent expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar to Bangladesh. The announcement comes a day after U.N. investigators accused the Myanmar military of committing atrocities against the Rohingya and other ethnic minorities and calling for Myanmar’s top generals to be charged with genocide. “I have decided to proceed to the next phase of the process and to carry out a full-fledged preliminary examination of the situation at hand,” ICC prosecutor Fatou […]

Fake photos in Myanmar army’s ‘True News’ book on the Rohingya crisis

By Poppy McPherson | Published by Reuters on August 31, 2018 YANGON (Reuters) – The grainy black-and-white photo, printed in a new book on the Rohingya crisis authored by Myanmar’s army, shows a man standing over two bodies, wielding a farming tool. “Bengalis killed local ethnics brutally”, reads the caption. The photo appears in a section of the book covering ethnic riots in Myanmar in the 1940s. The text says the image shows Buddhists murdered by Rohingya – members of a Muslim minority the book refers to as “Bengalis” to imply they are illegal immigrants. But a Reuters examination of […]

An open letter to the Rohingya survivors, concerned people and organisations, re: High Court of Australia matter re summons against ASSK for Crimes Against Humanity against the Rohingya

Dear Rohingya brothers and sisters, and concerned friends and organisations:   In March 2018 a summons was lodged in the Melbourne Magistrate’s Court for filing seeking to charge Aung San Suu Kyi with Crimes Against Humanity for the forcible deportation of the Rohingya from Myanmar. The Attorney General of Australia refused to consent to the prosecution. The High Court of Australia will hear an application to strike out the Attorney General’s decision on 3rd October 2018.    The hearing is set for 9.30am on 3rd October at the High Court of Australia, Level 17 Commonwealth Law Courts Building, 305 William […]

‘Myanmar is like Nazi Germany’

By Ahmet Gurhan Kartal | Published by Anadolu Agency on August 29, 2018   Buddhist activist Maung Zarni denounces atrocities targeting Rohingya in his country   LONDON — The atrocities targeting Myanmar’s Rohingya minority are similar to those committed by Nazi Germany, according to a prominent Buddhist human rights activist.   Speaking to Anadolu Agency in Kent, the UK, Maung Zarni, a coordinator at the Free Rohingya Coalition, said the international community should act against his country of origin.   Zarni’s remarks come after the UN released a report earlier this week documenting mass gang rapes, killings — including of infants and […]

Rohingyas declare Aug 25 as ‘genocide day’

By Abdul Aziz | Published by Dhaka Tribune on August 27, 2018 The UN likened the Aug 25 crackdown in the Rakhine state to genocide The Rohingyas have announced to observe August 25 as the “genocide day,” a year after a Myanmar military crackdown forced more than 700,000 members of the ethnic minority to flee the Rakhine state. The announcement came from protest rallies by the Rohingyas at Ukhiya and Teknaf on Saturday. A group calling itself the “Free Rohingya Coalition” has been campaigning to highlight the last several days of the barbarity and atrocity of the August 25, 2017 […]

Suu Kyi is most polished mouthpiece of Myanmar military

Free Rohingya Coalition co-founder Maung Zarni says time to reject false messiahs in Myanmar beginning with Aung San Suu Kyi By Maung Zarni | Pubilshed by Anadolu Agency on August 25, 2018 LONDON — Watching YouTube Myanmar State Counsellor’s 43rd Singapore lecture — 1-hour lecture including the questions and answers – entitled, “Democratic Transition in Myanmar: Challenges and the Way Forward,” left me deeply disturbed, pained and outraged.  The degree of her delusions, distortions and concoctions made me realize that my fellow Burmese dissident has become nothing more than the most polished mouth piece for her former captors, namely the murderous military regime. Aung […]


Published by LA PRESSE on August 25, 2018 Il y a un an aujourd’hui, des combattants de la minorité musulmane des Rohingya ont tué 12 soldats birmans, donnant le prétexte à une campagne de répression qui a forcé plus de 700 000 personnes à fuir vers le Bangladesh voisin. Alors que la majorité de ces survivants s’entassent dans le plus grand camp de réfugiés de la planète, de plus en plus d’indices montrent que les massacres de l’automne dernier n’avaient absolument rien de spontané. UN DOSSIER D’AGNÈS GRUDA LA CRISE DES ROHINGYA, UN AN APRÈS « DES SIMILITUDES FRAPPANTES AVEC CE QUI S’ÉTAIT PASSÉ […]