India must stand by the Rohingya in their hour of need

By Tapan Bose | Published by CounterCurrents.Org on August 1, 2018 Rohingya refugees are back in the news again. On Tuesday (July 30) Mr. Rijiju, the Minister of State for Home said some of the Rohingya living in India do not have the status of “refugee” but are “illegal migrants” who would be deported once their details have been prepared. Reiterating his earlier position, Rijiju said since they are illegal migrants, they are not entitled to any government facility. Responding to a series of supplementary questions in the Parliament, Rijiju said the government has reports that some of the Rohingyas […]

Durbin Blasts Removal of Myanmar Sanctions From Defense Bill

By Niels Lesniewski | Published by Roll Call on July 31, 2018 Signs point to McConnell not allowing language targeting country also known as Burma A legislative effort to punish officials responsible for atrocities committed against the Rohingya minority in Myanmar appears to have stalled thanks to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Minority Whip Richard J. Durbin gave a speech ahead of floor consideration of the fiscal 2019 defense authorization conference report in which he decried, “the irresponsible removal of provisions related to Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.” “The House bill contained five provisions restricting security engagement with Burma, imposing sanctions on Burmese officials […]

McConnell once pushed sanctions against Myanmar. Now he’s blocking a new round.

By Shibani Mahtani | Published by Washington Post on July 1, 2018 Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who spent over a quarter century promoting human rights and democracy in Myanmar, is now the principal senator holding up fresh legislation pressuring the country to improve its treatment of the Rohingya. McConnell (R-Ky.) was the architect of harsh economic sanctions against the former military junta, which were dropped in 2016. His current stance has surprised human rights advocates in Washington who once viewed the senator as their most powerful ally in regard to Myanmar, also known as Burma. They characterize him now as […]

Rohingya people and ethnic cleansing

By Mohammed Rafique | Published by The Irish Times on June 21, 2018 Sir, – We applaud David McKechnie and Kathleen Harris for their report on the lives of the Rohingya in the refugee camps in Bangladesh in the Weekend edition of The Irish Times (“Rohingya crisis: ‘We have no one, no idea what is going to happen tomorrow”, June 16th). Their report painted a realistic picture of the daily struggles that the Rohingya face. We have been expelled from our country. We are the victims of major human rights abuses. We have been stripped of our nationality. The government […]

Putting lives in danger

By MS Anwar | Published by Dhaka Tribune on June 19, 2018   An Amnesty report that points fingers at ARSA could do more harm than good   Amnesty International, a reputed international human rights watchdog group, published a report claiming Rohingya armed group Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) had massacred scores of Hindu civilians in Rakhine state on May 22 — a report which ARSA has categorically denied later.   The report was shocking to many, and drew immediate criticism and condemnation from leading Rohingya activists as well as non-Rohingya activists, not because they were angry with the Amnesty […]

Suu Kyi actively attempting to manipulate UN

By Dr. Maung Zarni | Published by Anadolu Agency on June 16, 2018 Myanmar’s leader is doing her best to cover up her country’s international crimes against Rohingya people Cambridge, THE UK — In the first meeting on June 13 between Myanmar State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and Christine Schraner Burgener, the Burmese urged the freshly-minted Special Envoy on Myanmar for the UN Secretary General to understand “the real situation” about the Rakhine State, from which 700,000 Rohingyas fled, in what the Secretary General himself characterized as “ethnic cleansing”. The phrase “the real situation” rings alarm bells in my head. It […]

Expert calls on UN to stop ‘promoting Myanmar’s lies’

Published by Anadolu Agency on June 16, 2018 Maung Zarni says ‘UN needs to stop promoting Myanmar’s lies – such as bypassing the calls for ICC-led accountability’ ANKARA  — The United Nations should “stop promoting Myanmar lies,” an international expert wrote in an analytical piece for Anadolu Agency. Maung Zarni, coordinator for strategic affairs at the Free Rohingya Coalition, wrote: “In the face of Myanmar’s ongoing international crimes against Rohingyas as a people, inside Myanmar and in the refugee camps in Bangladesh — all under Suu Kyi’s watch, and with her complicity — UN needs to stop promoting Myanmar’s lies — […]

Questioning Amnesty’s “new evidence” on ARSA’s brutal killing of Hindu Rohingyas in Kha Maung Seik

By Tapan Bose | Published by CounterReview on June 15, 2018   On May 22, 2018, Tirana Hassan, Crisis Response Director at Amnesty International released a briefing note titled, “Myanmar: New evidence reveals Rohingya armed group massacred scores in Rakhine State”. It may be seen HERE.   In the briefing note, Amnesty International stated, “A Rohingya armed group brandishing guns and swords is responsible for at least one, and potentially a second, massacre of up to 99 Hindu women, men, and children as well as additional unlawful killings and abductions of Hindu villagers in August 2017, Amnesty International revealed today […]

Why the UN Deal With Myanmar Ignores Rohingya Realities

By Tun Khin | Published by The Diplomat on June 15, 2018   Conditions are nowhere near ready for Rohingya to return in safety and dignity.   Last week, the United Nations and the Myanmar government inked a deal that will supposedly begin the long process of repatriating hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees back to their homes. The UN hailed it as “the first step to address the root causes of the conflict in Rakhine.” Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar’s state counselor and de facto political leader, said it will “hasten” refugee returns.   The rest of the world, […]

The Rohingya Are Not the Only Ones

By Matthew Gindin | Published by tricycle on June 15, 2018 The tribalism plaguing Myanmar for the last 60 years has led to the persecution of many more of the country’s minority peoples. “Kyaw Kyaw, you cannot only care for human rights; we must also care for our people.” So says an unnamed young Burmese man in the film My Buddha Is Punk, a documentary about the courageous punk band Rebel Riot, as members of the band and others discuss politics during a meeting for their community in a grungy concrete room in Yangon. Rebel Riot—Kyaw Kyaw is the lead singer—has […]