Dr. Zarni offers a first-hand understanding of the failed Myanmar democracy movement and its autocratic leader Suu Kyi

Published by The Citizen on June 24, 2019 ‘Suu Kyi and Virtually the Entire Opposition Were Completely Enamoured with US Power’An extended interview with Maung Zarni, an educator and political activist in exile who was closely associated with Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of the National League for Democracy and erstwhile face of democratic politics in Myanmar. Zarni recalls the hopes many vested in Suu Kyi after her father Aung San was assassinated in 1947, and his own journey towards disillusionment. The interview is the first in a series of reports from or about India’s neighbouring countries, yesterday and today. […]

Myanmar: Building businesses over killing fields

By Maung Zarni, Published by Anadolu Agency on June 21, 2019 Bleak future lies ahead of Rohingya, as Myanmar is getting away with genocide amid UN ‘system failure’ LONDON — Amid former Guatemalan Foreign Minister Gert Rosenthal’s shocking report about the UN’s leadership, policy and system failures in Myanmar the Southeast Asian member state has for all intent and purpose accomplished its ongoing national project of cleansing the strategic border region of Northern Rakhine off Muslims — most specifically ethnic Rohingya people.  Other ethnic communities like Kachin, Mon, Karen, Chin, Wa, and Shan also inhabit border or “peripheral” regions of Myanmar. […]

Zarni’s Comment on the Extra-judicial Killing of Rakhine Civilians by Myanmar Government Troops

Photo Credit: Kevin Abosch

Killing six out of more than 200 detained villagers for different reasons is a lawless activity perpetrated by the Myanmar army, it’s an extrajudicial offence.  Such offences during an armed conflict are viewed as war crimes. When enemies surrender, you have to treat them well as prisoners of war. You are not allowed to bully and torture them. The Tatmadaw committed such offences in every ethnic region, they especially made trouble for hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Arakan State.  The Tatmadaw has carried out whatever they wanted to do for more than 40 years. They have killed monks, communists […]

Myanmar’s Suu Kyi is turning far-right

By Maung Zarni, Published by Anadolu Agency on June 8, 2019 Translation in Spanish| Turkish| Arabic |MalaysianNobel laureate and de-facto ruler of Myanmar is joining ranks of far-right leaders like India’s Modi, Hungary’s Orban ANKARA — The wire pictures from Budapest of a smiling Nobel Peace Laureate and Myanmar State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi shaking hands with Viktor Orban, Hungary’s president, strikes fear down my spine. That is, fear for my Muslim friends back home in Mandalay in particular and Myanmar’s Muslims in general, including the systematically persecuted Rohingya. The two reportedly exchanged their unconcealed fear and loathing of Muslims and migrants.  In Suu Kyi’s […]

AA Leader Maj. Gen. Tun Myat Naing: “Arakan (or Rakhine) is for all ethnic and religious communities. External players in Myanmar have a hidden agenda (s).”

External players in Myanmar have a hidden agenda! – AA Leader Maj. Gen. Tun Myat Naing Watch BBC Burmese Interview here: This is the Rohingya and human rights-relevant bit (Zarni’s translation, verbatim): “Arakan is for all religious and ethnic communities who want to live peacefully in one another’s company. We have to embrace all communities of difference (in faith and ethnic identities) with tolerance. We need to see them all as human community, deserving respect and dignity. We are approached by external players who come with this ‘Rakhine (Buddhist) versus Rohingya (Muslim) prism/binary. They have a hidden agenda, we strongly […]

Dr Maung Zarni calls Bhasan Char “death island” and opposes Bangladesh’s plan to forcibly relocate 100,000 Rohingya genocide survivors

RN Breakfast | Published by ABC on March 7, 2019 Rights groups warn against Rohingya relocation to Bangladesh island Bangladesh has confirmed it will begin relocating Rohingya refugees to an uninhabited island off its southern coast within weeks. The Bhashan Char islet in the Bay of Bengal has been earmarked by Dhaka for about 100,000 Rohingyas. The relocation plan is aimed at easing overcrowding at the Cox’s Bazaar camp where a million Rohingya refugees are living after fleeing persecution in Myanmar. But international groups and rights activists warn the move is dangerous and risky.

Segarkan ingatan kepada pembunuhan jenayah kaum Rohingya di Myanmar

Published by Astro Awani on February 22, 2019 Dunia wajar diingatkan tentang jenayah kaum yang dilupakan, lama sesudah peristiwa Holocaust dan pembunuhan beramai-ramai etnik Kemboja oleh rejim Khmer Rouge. Pengasas Bersama Forces of Renewal Southeast Asia atau FORSEA, Dr Maung Zarni menegaskan, ada satu lagi peristiwa mirip Holocaust dan kekejaman Pol Pot, iaitu pembunuhan jenayah kaum terhadap Rohingya di Myanmar.

Pre-Recorded Special Address by UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Situation Prof. Yanghee Lee to the International Burma Conference on Protection and Accountability, Barnard College, New York, 8-9 Feb 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is a great honor to present at this first ever International Conference on Protection and Accountability in Burma. As you may know, I have just completed an 11 day visit to Thailand and Bangladesh. Today’s presentation will be based on my visit and the End of Mission Statement presented on 25 January 2019 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is quite unfortunate that the human rights situation in Myanmar continues to deteriorate and how many parts of the repressive architecture that existed under successive military governments remain. Instead of bringing about the democratic reforms that were promised, the […]

Rohingya activists demand action against Myanmar at NYC summit

By Azad Essa | Published by Al Jazeera on February 9, 2019 A two-day international conference is urging collective and decisive action against Myanmar. New York City – The question of justice has dominated discussions at a New York conference on the persecution suffered by the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar. Panellists, including international legal experts, Rohingya refugees, members of the diaspora and human rights activists, packed the James Room of Bernard College at Columbia University on Friday and Saturday, calling on the international community to take collective and decisive action against the Myanmar government. The Rohingya minority in Myanmar, long considered the most […]

Rohingya activists share stories of community’s plight

By Umar Farooq | Published by Anadolu Agency on February 9, 2019 New York conference highlights Muslim minority’s predicament, calls on world to pressure Myanmar to stop attacks WASHINGTON — Fear, intimidation, repression and genocide. These are the words used by members of the Rohingya community to describe what is happening to them at the hands of Myanmar’s military forces. “Some may think that by leaving a repressive, genocidal regime, Rohingya will be free,” said Yasmin Ullah, a Rohingya activist.  “Fear and intimidation are part of everyday life in Arakan, or what is called Rakhine state today. Fear and intimidation […]