Myanmar Spring Revolution and the Rohingya genocide

By 3CR Radical Radio | May 26, 2023 Featuring the latest in activist campaigns and struggles against oppression fighting for a better world with anti-capitalist analysis on current affairs and international politics.  Presenters: Jacob Andrewartha, Chloe DS Maung Zarni, burmese scholar and activist with over three decades of experience in international politics & activists joined the program to reflect on the ongoing uprising in Myanmar against the millitary dictatorship and the nature of the Rohingya genocide and why it should have been opposed prior to the uprising.  Note: Maung Zarni will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Ecosocialism 2023: A World Beyond

Twitter’s Censorship of Dr Maung Zarni

By Shafiur Rahman | Substack | May 7, 2023 Trump’s account has been reinstated despite inciting hate & violence. In contrast, Dr. Zarni, a genocide whistleblower and campaigner for Rohingya genocide survivors, has been suspended. Twitter’s  suspension of Dr Maung Zarni, a Burmese human rights activist and scholar, has  raised concerns about freedom of expression on social media platforms. Dr Zarni’s suspension was based on his tweet drawing a comparison between the coronation of King Charles III and Nazi spectacles. The tweet highlighted the commonality of multiple genocides and other international crimes committed by both the British Empire and Hitler’s

Burma’s Arakan Army Replicates Russia’s Propaganda Playbook, Argues Zarni

By Maung Zarni | Published by Democratic Voice of Burma | October 11, 2022 While the world’s attention is fixated on the escalating NATO-Russia proxy war taking place on Ukraine’s soil, with its nuclear saber-rattling and domino effect on the world’s economy, on Burma’s western front, the decades-old triangular conflict deserves some serious attention as the deeply troubled country’s civil war has widened to engulf external powers, including the neighbouring country of Bangladesh. This appears to be a case wherein one of Burma’s key actors, namely the Arakan Army (AA) – with its Buddhist Rakhine nationalist base – is replicating

The Question of “Intent” in Genocide

In the first episode of the 2021 Free Rohingya Coalition Genocide Podcast Series, Gregory Stanton and Daniel Feierstein, the past two Presidents of the International Association of Genocide Scholars, shared their thoughts on the perennial question of INTENT in the Genocide Convention, and discuss The Gambia vs Myanmar case at the International Court of Justice. Hosted by Dr. Maung Zarni

Putting Myanmar election results in perspective

By Maung Zarni | Published by Anadolu Agency on November 19, 2020 Election cycles will neither reverse colonial treatment of non-Burmese population, nor end genocide against Rohingya LONDON — Five days after the US completed its presidential elections in which the incumbent President Donald Trump and his fundamentally racist campaign was defeated, Myanmar also held its general elections.  As expected, the ruling National League for Democracy led by Aung San Suu Kyi secured a landslide victory, crushing the Union Solidarity and Development party — the military’s political proxy which openly promotes Islamophobia, xenophobia, and racism against Rohingya. A common outcry

Myanmar’s colonial policies and crimes trigger renewed liberation struggles

By Maung Zarni | Published by Anadolu Agency on October 9, 2020 Lack of action from UN and world community encourages Myanmar to commit atrocities against ethnic communities LONDON — Almost three decades ago the UN had established the mandate of Special Rapporteur to monitor the human rights situation in Myanmar, under the Commission on Human Rights Resolution number 58 of 1992. But the UN-mandated human rights missions have not deterred Myanmar’s successive governments from perpetrating human rights crimes against dissidents, government critics, and national minorities. Besides, it is indicative of Myanmar leaders’ typical hostility towards the human rights-focused approach, adopted