“We Stand For A Free Palestine!”: A Marathon Global Solidarity Concert and Rally

In English and other national and international languages. Venue: YouTube LIVE 4 November 2023, Saturday Co-organizers: Forces of Renewal South East Asia, Free Rohingya Coalition, Hindus for Human Rights and Restless Beings Dear Friends, Gaza keeps me awake at night since the fresh wave of violence erupted. It does, just as my own native country’s daily wretched news of Myanmar military torching entire villages as a strategy of collective punishment. The renowned Spanish midfielder and Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez recently tweeted, you don’t need to be a Muslim to stand with Palestinians. You just need to be a human. Please

Powerful States Are Killing International Law, the Genocide Convention

Maung Zarni is a fellow with the (Genocide) Documentation Center of Cambodia and co-founder of the Forces of Renewal in Southeast Asia.  We are witnessing horrific violence being perpetrated against civilians including war refugees, women, children and elderly people in Myanmar, Ukraine, Israel and Israel-occupied Gaza by primarily state actors.  The founding members of the United Nations either look on, or, worse still, serve as enablers behind perpetrating states.   What we don’t see on the social media platforms and conventional TV monitors is the silent demolition of international law – the Genocide Convention no less – the Security Council

“THIS PERSECUTION IS THE WORST THERE IS”: Restrictions on Rohingya Freedom of Movement in Bangladesh.

This 88-page report was released by the Youth Congress Rohingya (YCR) on September 22, 2023. During the report’s launch event, Nay San Lwin, Co-founder of the Free Rohingya Coalition (FRC), spoke alongside other speakers. The launch event is here: YCR, which stands for Youth Congress of Rohingya, is a Rohingya youth organization founded in late 2018. Its mission is to preserve justice and peace within the community, represent the community’s needs to the international community, promote education and knowledge, and build a harmonious and peaceful community. Youths from different refugee camps in Bangladesh represent YCR, although they maintain a low

Myanmar Spring Revolution and the Rohingya genocide

By 3CR Radical Radio | May 26, 2023 Featuring the latest in activist campaigns and struggles against oppression fighting for a better world with anti-capitalist analysis on current affairs and international politics.  Presenters: Jacob Andrewartha, Chloe DS Maung Zarni, burmese scholar and activist with over three decades of experience in international politics & activists joined the program to reflect on the ongoing uprising in Myanmar against the millitary dictatorship and the nature of the Rohingya genocide and why it should have been opposed prior to the uprising.  Note: Maung Zarni will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Ecosocialism 2023: A World Beyond

Join the 10th annual #Black4Rohingya

Join the 10th annual #Black4Rohingya The Rohingya are the world’s most persecuted minority. Natives of Arakan State, they have suffered decades of institutionalised apartheid, been denied their citizenship rights, freedom of movement, access to education, health services and land rights. They are subjected to arbitrary arrests, sexual violence, forced labour, extortion, and collective punishment. On 25 August 2017, the Myanmar military perpetrated a genocide against them forcing a million Rohingya to flee to Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, where they now inhabit the world’s largest refugee camp. This is currently the subject of a case at the International Court of Justice.

Twitter’s Censorship of Dr Maung Zarni

By Shafiur Rahman | Substack | May 7, 2023 Trump’s account has been reinstated despite inciting hate & violence. In contrast, Dr. Zarni, a genocide whistleblower and campaigner for Rohingya genocide survivors, has been suspended. Twitter’s  suspension of Dr Maung Zarni, a Burmese human rights activist and scholar, has  raised concerns about freedom of expression on social media platforms. Dr Zarni’s suspension was based on his tweet drawing a comparison between the coronation of King Charles III and Nazi spectacles. The tweet highlighted the commonality of multiple genocides and other international crimes committed by both the British Empire and Hitler’s