In English and other national and international languages.

Venue: YouTube LIVE

4 November 2023, Saturday

Co-organizers: Forces of Renewal South East Asia, Free Rohingya Coalition, Hindus for Human Rights and Restless Beings

Dear Friends,

Gaza keeps me awake at night since the fresh wave of violence erupted.

It does, just as my own native country’s daily wretched news of Myanmar military torching entire villages as a strategy of collective punishment.

The renowned Spanish midfielder and Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez recently tweeted, you don’t need to be a Muslim to stand with Palestinians. You just need to be a human.

Please read the article by NICKI KATTOURA.
“My/our family histories are punctuated by the cruel displacement and genocide at the hands of our colonizers. If this bombing of a hospital and its patients, a war crime, does not make the Zionist project of genocide clear, then I do not know what will.”

In that spirit of the fellowship of humans, the two networks of anti-genocide and pro-liberation movements in which I am involved are organizing a global marathon rally on YouTube in support of the Palestinian people’s struggle to exist as an equal and peaceful nation with Israel.

Specifically, here is how you can offer Palestinians your moral solidarity.

We from these networks would be grateful if you would consider: 1) speaking a few words of solidarity and support for the Palestinians whose dream of national liberation and establishment of the fully-fledged independent state – not simply “observer state” in the UN; 2) recite a poem; 3) sing a song; 4) read a passage from your Holy book; 5) play an instrument of your choice; 6) put your organization’s name down as an endorser or co-sponsor; 7) help reach out to your colleagues, family members, friends and acquaintances whose presence and voice will add to the call for a Free Palestine.

The aim of this event goes beyond symbolism. The rally will aim for the global step-up of BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions), the movement that contributed to both the downfall of S. Africa’s apartheid regime and the significant opening of Myanmar under half-century of military dictatorship.

In the and FRC, we have a wealth of solid experience in organizing and running 4–5-hour marathon YouTube LIVE events for Rohingya genocide memorial or Genocide Alert on India.

Because the event will take place in multiple time zones, we will be able to accommodate your needs for a slot which best suits you.

Please drop me a note at or WhatsApp me at +44 (0)771 047 3322.

How will a YouTube LIVE event help Palestinian liberation struggle?

While our event will not have immediate impact on Israel’s state terrorism and its resultant wretched humanitarian conditions for the Palestinians in Gaza, it will do two good things:

first, it will loudly send the message to Israel that the world, outside the world of colonialist Western Establishments, have a moral clarity: worldwide communities and individuals of conscience and compassion stand with the Colonized or the Wretched of Palestine at large, not just Gazans;

and second, while, backed by the full might of the world’s largest armed forces of USA and its veto power at the Security Council, the Colonizer Israel accordingly disregards any rule of law or civilization norm, the now officially Jewish State is “very sensitive to global public opinion”.

No Colonizer is and can ever feel or be secure psychologically, as long as it continues its terroristic policies towards the colonized.

Violent or not, resistance is seeded in repression. To end violent resistance inherently violent repression must end. Colonialism is apriori terrorism, by definition.

Our message of solidarity will in effect serve the colonizing state of Israel, that there is a moral community of humans worldwide – multi-national, inter-faith, secular, multi-class. And that none of us is fooled by the 24/7 propaganda that portray Palestinians as “animals” and that we are repulsed by the strident and official calls made on camera by Israeli officials and its American backers (including US Senators and Presidential hopefuls) to “eviscerate” “obliterate” and “finish” Palestinian resistance.

A Brief Contextual Backgrounder:

Across Europe including UK where I live and the United States, politicians, opinion makers and mass media organizations – no less than BBC and CNN – have deliberately framed any public expression of support for the freedom of Palestinian people as “support for Hamas and its violence against Israelis”.

There have been attempts, fortunately unsuccessful so far, to criminalize Free Palestine protests, Palestinian flags, and other symbolic acts of solidarity – in France, Germany and UK, all formerly colonial and genocidal European powers. This week social media is full of videoclips of German security units beating up un-armed and peaceful protestors calling for the end to genocidal bombing of Gaza.

Many of us are from former colonial “possessions” of these European powers. Through our oral histories and collective memories intergenerationally handed down, we KNOW – and experience, vicariously – colonialisms as Terrorisms.

Beheading resisters and putting their severed heads on bamboo poles in public spaces was a standard British administrative practice in my native Burma, where the colonizing British troops also torched entire villages made of bamboo, thatch and timber as a form of collective punishment. The literary-minded amongst the colonial arsonists would pen “beautiful” poems about the wonderful sound of thatch- and bamboo-homes burning in the tropical wind.

Colonial rule was not “simply” a system of political subjugation, economic exploitation (or “blood-sucking” as we Burmese terms it), (White Supremacist) apartheid, territorial control, and genocidal landgrab.

The colonized experienced it as terror and terrorism.

So, we get Palestine! We get it!

But from Modi’s Hindutva India which openly peddles violent Islamophobic nationalism to virtually all formerly colonizing European states, above all, Germany, and Europe’s settler-offshoots such as USA and Australia, Israel has received “everything it needs” to, in effect, crush the Palestinians’ aspirations for freedom.

The Palestinians need our solidarity, more and practical, as they face down the combined Might and racist mass propaganda by this coalition of former Western colonizers and currently colonizing Israel.

Some years ago, Noam Chomsky took pain to address the question as to why the wretched of Palestine have nobody (states and corporations) to really aid in their liberation struggle. Paraphrasing Chomsky, they have no wealth, no money, no power, no military might. There is nothing to gain to stand with them.

But for those of us who take the universal fellowship of humans seriously, stand we must with our fellow humans in Palestine.

Please watch and listen.

An Irish MP: How come we never hear the words ‘PALESTINE has the right to defend itself’? We need ceasefires, and end to occupation, a lasting peace and a free Palestine. 🇵🇸

An Israeli Jouranlist: I beg everyone to watch this extraordinary interview with legendary Israeli journalist Amira Hass. Share it with loved ones who need to see it too, with a personal note from you. We need to change hearts and minds to save lives.