A conversation with Prof. Gill Boehringer, Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Macquarie University School of Law

The FRC Genocide Podcast with retired Dean, Professor Gill Boehringer covers: 1) The feudal structure of wealth and power in the Philippines 2) The targeted extrajudicial killings of those “red-tagged” (that is, labelled “subversives”)  by the Duterte regime 3) The alarming rate of the persecution of people’s lawyers  and 4) The attacks on civil society including journalists Prof. Gill Boehringer is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Macquarie University School of Law, Sydney, Australia. He was previously Dean at the School. His research focuses on repressive states and the violation of human and environmental rights. For the past decade he

Rohingya refugees and survivors worldwide to hold online marathon rally on Genocide Day August 25 despite Covid-19 Pandemic

Immediate ReleaseDate: August 21, 2020 Rohingyas and those that stand in solidarity with them, will mark the 3rd anniversary of Myanmar’s genocide, in the first ever worldwide multilingual online rally. The event will bring together more than four dozen international supporters including UN officials, human rights activists, genocide scholars, international law experts, and concerned journalists from all continents. They will join Rohingya survivors and refugees to memorialise and honour the thousands of victims slaughtered, raped and tortured in the violent purge by Myanmar government troops, that began on 25th August 2017. Solidarity, messages of compassion, and calls to end the