Burmese genocide scholar Maung Zarni takes on Myanmar’s most influential abbot, Sitagu Sayadaw

By Maung Zarni | Published by FORSEA on July 28, 2020 No global justice or international accountability process will be complete without Sitagu being named as a criminal who despite his saffron robe and high honours has provided spiritual patronage to genocidal leaders of Myanmar while offering scriptural justifications for “killing millions of non-Buddhists.” On July 20, 2020, in the 12-minute FB Live clip, FORSEA co-founder and leading Burmese genocide scholar, Dr Maung Zarni, delivered the most blistering expose of Myanmar’s most influential Buddhist monk Nyar Neik Tha Ra (better known as abbot Sitagu) for his instrumental role in the

A conversation with Daniel Feierstein, past-President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars

In this FRC Genocide Podcast Series, Argentinian Professor Daniel Feierstein, past-President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars, discusses: 1) Ralphael Lemkin’s two-phased conception of genocide – the identity-based intentional destruction of populations and re-ordering of demographic make-up and social relations 2) The spectacular failures of international law and global accountability in cases of genocides 3) Nazi and Argentinian genocides 4) Myanmar’s ICJ lawyer William Schabas and his un-ethical defense of the genocidal regime There will be a sequel to this episode in mid-August. Daniel Feierstein holds a Ph.D, in Social Sciences by the University of Buenos Aires. He is