Pan Sandar Myint is Coordinator for Women’s Affairs & Youth Empowerment.

Described by SBS Rohingya & SBS Burmese Australia, “the very first Rohingya beauty pageant” in advocacy for most persecuted ethnic “Rohingya”, Pan Sandar Myint has become finalist for the Ms World Australia National Finalist 2020. Even though she has come from reserved corporate industry, she has become the ambassadors for Australian Burmese Rohingya Organisation & Humanity for her strong advocacy through her beauty pageantry platform. Most people assume that beauty pageant platform is only promoting feminine physical beauty which is not the wholly true. It is actually promoting beauty of feminine emotional intelligence to save humanitarian value in today’s society.  During the covid-19 locked down, Pan has been blessed with many opportunities via her pageantry platform:

  • Ambassadorship for non-profit firms (ABRO & Humanity)
  • Translating and Language reviewer for Polaron European Language services

Launching her own media “Empower Success” in promoting human right ssues & women empowerment in YouTube web series by collaborating with well-known Australian Ethical fashion designer, Burmese human right activists, & Rohingya human right activists.