Nilah Zarni is a 11-year old British student who has taken a keen interest in refugee children since her first-ever visit in November 2017 to Cox’s Bazar refugee camps, home to 750,000 Rohingyas from her father’s native country of Myanmar or Burma, who survived that country’s waves of genocidal purge. She has lived in Brunei, Malaysia and Thailand, in addition to her native Britain.

In this conversation, Nilah talks to her father Dr Maung Zarni, FRC Genocide Podcast Series Host (English language), about:

  • Her impression and experience of seeing the lives of Rohingya children in the camps
  • Her attempts to write a “book” about refugees for her Year 4 class at school back in UK
  • Her views on #Blacklivesmatter and
  • Her new project of decolonizing her own education

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