Dr. Hla Kyaw (aka Dr. Khubybe) – Coordinator for Youth, Education and Leadership Development

MBBS (University of Medicine, Magwe, Myanmar); M.Sc. (Health Science, Nutrition, Vrije University, Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Dr. Hla Kyaw is the chairman of The European Rohingya Council (ERC). He is a Rohingya medical doctor. A Rohingya Physician by training, Hla Kyaw was born and raised in Maungdaw, which recently became the center of Myanmar’s genocidal killing field. He graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Medicine, Magwe, Myanmar. His late father was a renown religious scholar.

He fled Myanmar in 2010 and now become a Dutch citizen. He has been a Rohingya human rights activist for years and actively working in the field of advocacy and awareness campaign for Rohingya. He spent 3 months in Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh in late 2017 and early 2018, treating Rohingya genocide survivors in Mobile Clinics in the camps.

Together with Dr. Maung Zarni, he was part of the team who published “Rohingya Calendar”: http://www.rohingyacalendar.com/.