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Killing six out of more than 200 detained villagers for different reasons is a lawless activity perpetrated by the Myanmar army, it’s an extrajudicial offence. 

Such offences during an armed conflict are viewed as war crimes. When enemies surrender, you have to treat them well as prisoners of war. You are not allowed to bully and torture them. The Tatmadaw committed such offences in every ethnic region, they especially made trouble for hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Arakan State. 

The Tatmadaw has carried out whatever they wanted to do for more than 40 years. They have killed monks, communists and students without a second thought. 

Arakan people are striving for liberation and equality by means of armed struggle and peaceful approach. They are trying to fight for their rights in a democratic way. 

So, Arakanese need to recognize Muslims in Arakan State, who are part of Arakan society and have been living in the region for decades. They have historical and official evidence justifying their presence, and they recognize themselves as “Rohingya” so that Arakaneses’ can gain international recognition. 

Arakanese people in Arakan State were involved in or supported the crackdown of Muslims in Arakan Stae: 400 Muslim villages were emptied within two to three weeks, it’s not much different than Jews being eradicated by Germany’s Nazis. 

So, the international community now identifies Arakanese people as culprits that are as much to blame for atrocities against Muslims in Arakan State. If Arakanese people can try to correct the international view, the Arakanese’s revolution will receive the full support of the world media and international community.

Published by Development Media Group on June 17, 2019.

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