Immediate Release
September 18, 2018

FRC call for “a comprehensive approach” to end Myanmar genocide including international protection for voluntary and safe return.

GENEVA:  The Free Rohingya Coalition, a network of leading Rohingya activists in diaspora and refugee activists in Bangladesh, as well as international friends of Rohingyas working to end Myanmar’s ongoing genocide of Rohingya, welcomes the official release of Report of the detailed findings of the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar at the 39th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

After nearly 2 years of rigorous research and hundreds of in-depth interviews with Rohingya survivors of Myanmar’s waves of premeditated violence and destruction of Rohingyas, the Mission officially stated that the State of Myanmar is found to have commissioned 4 out of 5 genocidal acts, with the verified “genocidal intent”, that is, to destroy the Rohingya people as a “protected group”.  

FRC are also heartened by the fact that the report also covered Myanmar’s international crimes such as war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Myanmar Tatmadaw, the armed forces, in Kachin and Shan states in Northern and Eastern Myanmar. 

FRC agree whole-heartedly with the Australian member of the Mission, Mr Chris Sidoti, when he said pointedly in today’s interactive session that only “a comprehensive approach” which addresses the issue of the military’s supremacy in society and politics of Myanmar, including the Constitutional Amendment of the military’s Constitution of 2008, the need to broaden the current calls for ICC to investigate the crime of deportation so as to include all of the gravest crimes under international criminal and humanitarian laws, which Myanmar is committing.

Nay San Lwin, the campaign and media coordinator of the Free Rohingya Coalition, said, “as a Rohingya refugee, I thank the Fact Finding Mission for its watertight research and findings.   This is a historic day for the Rohingyas.   The highest UN Human Rights body has recognized the crimes that Myanmar has been inflicted on my fellow Rohingya people for the last 40 years by their correct names: genocide and crimes against humanity.”  

“Now the UN, particularly Security Council must uphold its charter obligations to ensure peace and security for Rohingya victims of Myanmar genocide in particular, and to prevent any undesirable consequences of radicalization and spill-over cross-border consequences,” added Nay San Lwin.

Tun Khin, President of the Burmese Rohingya Organization UK, added, “the genocide against our people is still on-going.   Over 140 UN member states signed the 1948 Genocide Convention – they must now call for an emergency meeting to discuss the future of Rohingya and consider establishing protection mechanisms so that we Rohingya can return to our homeland in Northern Rakhine.”

In his oral statement, FFM Member Chris Sidoti pointed out, “democracy (in Myanmar) cannot be built on genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.”  

Nay San Lwin, Campaign and Media Coordinator, Free Rohingya Coalition
Tel: +49 176 62139138; email : | Twitter @FreeRoCoalition


The Free Rohingya Coalition (FRC) – –  is a global network of Rohingya activists and friends of Rohingyas who share common concerns about Myanmar’s on-going genocide and the need for Rohingya survivors to play an active role in seeking a viable future for their group.

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